Adam Curtis podcast with Adam Buxton

Curtis is a an eye opening journalist covering history and fairly abstract concepts. His style is mainly based on short films making up parts of TV shows like Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe and feature length.

Most recently his less interesting experimental film was shown on iPlayer, his delivery (TV / online) seems to develop, which may be one of the reasons why his content reaches a good range of people and bounces off the mainstream BBC.

Some of the most striking films include ‘The Century of Self‘ and ‘Oh Dearism‘ (bootleg versions available on YouTube).

Although his views are fairly left-wing and traditional, he’s strongly critical of the regular way liberals talk about the obvious subjects (right-wing politics, global warming, etc).

In this podcast he also passionately compliments Burial (British electronic music artist) who he uses as the music in the background of his recent films. Subjects covered include power, reality and basically how we see the present time.